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Should your horse require more complex care than we can provide in your home environment, we may advise referral to our tier 2 RCVS approved equine clinic at Somerford Park

Both Louise Salt (head nurse) and Louise Hough (operations manager) are fully trained and qualified Equine Veterinary Nurses. They will arrange to meet you upon arrival, and help you unload if necessary. They will then co-ordinate the care of your horse whilst they are in our clinic. Many procedures are done as day cases, so you can stay with your horse whilst they’re with us. But should they need surgery or hospitalisation, our nurses would care for them during this time. You do not need to bring feed or bedding, that’s all provided, but a couple of rugs always come in handy.

The Facilities

Our facilities include an operating theatre, a custom built padded anaesthetic knock-down and recovery box and six stables.

The clinic has been purpose built, and we are always investing in the latest technology to improve the services we offer.

We have all the facilities needed to perform thorough lameness examinations, vettings, stocks for stud medicine work and a JMB measuring pad for official height measurements.

We also see a wide variety of first opinion cases here, allowing you to “pop down” for vaccinations, examinations or dental work.

Lameness Evaluation

We may ask for you to bring your horse in for lameness investigation. At Somerford we have all the facilities for trotting, lunging on different surfaces and riding your horse so we can properly assess their gait. We may then perform nerve blocks. This involves injecting a small amount of local anaesthetic at strategic points in the limb, and then trotting the horse up again to see if there are any improvements to the lameness.

This helps us pin point the problem area. It is much better to perform nerve blocks in a clean clinic environment to prevent possible complications. Once we have found the suspect area, we may suggest digital X-rays to look for bony problems, or ultrasound to best assess the soft tissues. Our X-Ray machine is more powerful than standard veterinary machines allowing us to image backs and stifles when required. The images are stored digitally for later manipulation, so they can be emailed or archived onto disc.


We have a 1.3 metre video endoscope. This is used for imaging the equine upper respiratory tract, larynx, and trachea. The images are shown on a laptop and both photos and videos can be taken and stored to aid diagnosis. In addition a 3.0 meter endoscope is used for gastroscopy – looking for gastric ulcers in the stomach.


Mark Tabachnik and Vicki Nicholls are both qualified Equine Dental Technicians. As such, we are perfectly placed to provide your horse with all their dental healthcare requirements, from routine rasping to more complex corrections and extractions. We also deal with referrals from vets and other equine dental technicians.

Stud Medicine

Somerford Park is a BEVA approved Artificial Insemination (AI) clinic for both chilled and frozen semen. We have room for visiting mares and a set of stocks for routine examinations. We offer stud packages for getting mares in foal both at the clinic and at your yard. Claire Hodgson is the practice lead for all our fertility work.

Surgery & Anaesthesia

We have a knock down / recovery box and a fully padded operating table. Both John Yarwood and Claire Phillips are keen surgeons, and we do a lot of routine surgery. For more complex procedures, we bring in specialist surgeon, ECVS Diplomat Cedric Chan.

We take a lot of care and attention over our equine anaesthesia, using multiple monitoring systems to help ensure the safest anaesthetic possible for your horse.

Work on your Yard

We accept that not everyone is in a position to bring their horse in to the clinic. We do feel that for many problems, work in the clinic environment will produce the best quality results for you and your horse. However many procedures and tests can be performed safely and effectively at your yard.

Attention to Detail

We pride ourselves on offering a great service to our equine clients. From keen, enthusiastic vets who turn up on time and who you can speak to directly on their mobile phones, to well maintained up to date kit. We strive to offer an excellent service to all our clients.

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